Brant Photographers: Restoring the family-owned business for the modern world

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How Brant Photographers adapted modern technology to transform the customer's experience and win them.

Brant Photographers has a rich history. It started 50 years ago so it has gone through multiple transitions to keep growing.

To ensure that the website was set up for long-term success, our team got to work to build a website that would allow customers to experience the brand and allow them to book an appointment.

The Challenge

Brant Photographers wanted their customers to recognize their brand and attract more new customers like local professionals and local businesses.

The Solution

Brant Photographers have turned to Bitzazz for a modern way of designing and building websites.

Brant Photographers has used WordPress to power its online presence, but it is no longer serving its purpose of driving customers to its website and generating more revenue. The constantly shifting market and advancing technology have added more challenges. 

Therefore, their online presence with the old website lacks brand recognition and user experience. The website needs to be redesigned in order to restore the 50-year-old family business to its glory and position it to align with the brand.

The Result

The website has been a success and has allowed Brant Photographers to grow its customer base and stay relevant in the ever-changing world of photography.

Moving away from WordPress to more modern technologies has opened more opportunities for the business. We recognized that the business was not managing its appointment workflow efficiently. Setting up an online booking system has improved work efficiency by giving customers in charge to book on their own time. 

After the website was launched, customers are enjoying access to the real-time booking system with no hassle and an excellent user experience.

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